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HDD Duplicator IT Series Supports Duplication of Windoes 8 OS
Windows 8, the latest operating system from Microsoft, was officially released on October 26, 2012. While consumers’ appetites are being whetted, major players in PC and notebook industry are all anticipating a new wave of enthusiasm brought forth by this introduction. When a machines loaded with Windows 8 are picked up as a new purchase or upgrade towards year-end, chances are a hard drive of much larger capacities will follow suit. As demands for high-volume data storage increase faster than ever ... more

How do you make an instant replacement for a defective socket?
The sockets are the consumables of a duplicator just like the tires of a vehicle. After repeatedly inserting and removing flash media, you will gradually wear out the socket in a duplicator and a replacement will eventually be in order. ... more

Because of the portable and easy features for carrying large capacity data, USB-HDD is very popular in the current market and further applied into education, systems integrators, etc.The U-Reach Intelligent USB duplicator is the only one duplicator that provides the best duplication solution for both USB sticks and USB-HDDs. ... more

How do you check the speed of your USB drive & Flash card?
The "Reading" and "Writing" speeds of an SD card or USB drive are two crucial criteria to determine quality and price of the media. So how do you check the speed of your USB drive and Flash card? Unlike the one-piece-at-a-time checking by the common testing software on the PC such as H2 or FDbench, U-Reach’s Intelligent 9 Flash duplicator performs on all the media simultaneously, through instant speed-checking and the H5 media-checking. .....more

U-Reach Appreciates All Your Participation at Computex 2012
Held in Taipei, Taiwan from 6/5-6/9, the 2012 Computex has been another successful exhibition for the global IT industry. Thanks to its innovative technologies and ever-expanding product lines, U-Reach has attracted such attention from customers around the world. ... more

Experience the innovation from U-Reach at 2012 Computex
U-Reach will be demonstrating why it is the leading duplication expert at the 2012 Computex. As expected from the industry leader, there will be new product series unveiled from all three families of media duplicators—HDD, DVD, and flash memory. Thanks to its customer-oriented philosophy, U-Reach has been consistently crafting high quality equipment to meet customer needs. These new lines of products help boost production efficiency as well as offer value-added features that have long been sought after. ... more

The Only Stand-Alone Flash Duplicator which supports PC-Link
U-Reach presents a function which is long-term expected by customers, PC-Link on flash duplicator for monitoring and controlling. For many professional users, U-Reach's products mean the guarantee of reliability and compatibility. Based on this reputation, U-Reach keeps searching for the most efficient and powerful value added to our machines. PC-Link of Intelligent creates a perfect synergy of efficiency, speed, scalable volume duplicating and PC's flexibility of variety capability. ... more

U-Reach attends 2012 NAB show and draw lots of attention
During 4/16~4/19, U-Reach participated in NAB Exhibition held in Las Vegas for the first time. This annual gathering for American broadcaster drew lots of attention from famous enterprises and media. ... more

How to choose your 1-1 HDD Duplicator
There are many approaches to do HDD duplication. If you don't like the hassle of finding a PC with the appropriate software to finish this job, a standalone HDD duplicator should be taken into consideration. In the market, you can find various 1-1 HDD duplicators with wide price range. But….what is the difference among them? To figure out clear picture of these products, you might be interested in basic comparison as below. ... more

10 Reasons Why Intelligent 9 Flash Duplicators Are Good for You
To sum it up, driven by customers needs, Intelligent 9 is packed with features and utilities developed for diagnosing as well as duplicating flash media. ... more

U-Reach will be attending both NAB 2012 in the USA & Hong Kong Electronics Fair in China, this April
his April will be an exciting month for U-Reach. From April 13th-16th we will showcase at Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair, followed by NAB show in the USA from 16th-19th. You will see our hottest product lines of from HDD, Flash, to Blu-ray/DVD duplicators, including the most amazing new products, Intelligent 9 flash duplicators and Super HDD66 , which debuted at CeBit 2012 trade show and received a great response. Super HDD 66 can support flexible external daisy chain to allow HDD duplication from 3 to 199 targets. The stylish Intelligent 9 presents the perfect blend of functions and design of for flash USB/SD/CF/microSD duplication. We are proud to present our newest development and sincerely look forward to you visiting our booth ... more

Thank you for join U-Reach at Cebit2012
With the growing business in European market, we have extended our booth at Cebit 2012 to show our new products. For customers and Friends who have visited us, we would like to say thank you and really apprec iated, we had such a great time. If you missed Cebit 2012 with U-Reach, you will see news update from our websites, and we still have many exhibitions coming this year and hope we can meet you soon ... more

U-Reach flash duplicators help you to find the best flash devices
Flash devices had been drawn into a low-price era since the TLC technology is showed in 2010. However, this TLC technology contributes to a knotty situation—"The quality of flash is racing to the bottom". With the development of nanotechnology, users can buy cheaper & cheaper flash products. In the meanwhile, they also find out these flash products are very unstable and nondurable. U-Reach realizes the need of users and develops a powerful flash inspection function-H3/H5, which is the most effective way for flash inspection ... more

UReach will announce the world's first ever Daisy-Chainable HDD Duplicator at Cebit 2012
As a market leader, U-Reach has kept on breaking through the limitation of duplication technology and building state-of-the-art duplicators equipped with comprehensive applications. At Cebit 2012, we will announce the greatest and the most creative product—the world's first daisy-chainable HDD duplicator. Leveraging U-Reach's unique real-time daisy chain technology, users can connect as many duplicators as they see fit. The scalability, along with synchronization capability, allows for operations with much-improved efficiency ... more