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U-Reach Launch High Speed Duplication Rocket in 2015 CES
U-Reach, a global leader in providing data storage technology equipment, will showcase its product line once again in the 2015 International CES. The Ultra-High Speed Duplicator series will be unveiled for the first time to allow customers that are interested in the demand of ultra-high speed duplication. U- Reach continuous effort to accommodate the latest inspection ....... more

The Way to Zero-defect OTG USB Drive - The World’s First ever OTG Micro USB Flash Drive Duplicator
In accordance, with the latest trend in Smart-phone, tablets and computers U-Reach Inc., the data equipment expert, announces the first & proactive OTG Micro USB Duplicator in 2014.. ....... more

WDL Systems with U-Reach at PCB Carolina 2014
We are greatly honored to partnership and welcome WDL Systems, a reputable embedded products provider located on the East Coast, now officially has joined together in our partner network to help expand U-Reach products through WDL’s service/ sales channels. ....... more

U-Reach delivers the largest and highest scalability standalone HDD/SSD Duplicator
The world's leading brand, leadership, and innovation in data equipment – U-Reach, has officially launched the MT-H high speed series of SATA HDD/SSD duplicator which is designed for....... more

FOSE 2014 @ Washington, D.C.
This year’s premier event provided the necessary tools for us to meet with many Government Agencies face-to-face including Federal Government, Military/Defense...... more

Thank you for participating Computex Taipei, (June 3th~7th, 2014) and visit the booth of U-Reach Inc.
U-Reach had acquired a lot of valuable information and advice from you, and we really appreciate the long term support from all the buyersworld wide. U-Reach has developed duplicator/examiner/eraser...... more

Aim high towards the top of achievements
U-Reach, an industry-leading brand in data equipment with over 11 years of experience in product design and a strong market based roots.On June 3-7, 2014 at the COMPUTEK TAIPEI, we are excited to
launch 10 new products this year. We sincerely welcome you all to visit us and......

FOSE 2014 Invitation
This year, we will be attending the FOSE 2014 in Washington, D.C. (May 13-15) at Booth # 515. FOSE is the longest leading conference to showcase cutting –edge security innovations for Government Technology Professionals. Our mission is to provide technological expertise and help..... more

U-Reach's eShop 2014
U-Reach is proud to announce the launch of its new eShop has officially opened its doors. Our goal is to bring you the latest Duplication, Inspection, Sanitization equipments offers and the freedom of shopping at your convenience. We had been taking steps to improve and expand ther..... more

The Real High Speed HDD Dupe Controller -- Super One
SuperOne is purely designed for HDD duplication/erasing, it greatly improved the limitations of previous controllers. We would like to propose to use SuperOne to replace the old type controller. Because, by spending the similar cost , you will surprisingly see the great functions of SuperOne..... more

Time to purchase spare parts for your Intelligent 9 duplicator
Intelligent 9 duplicators are well-designed and constructed for easy maintenance. Eventually, all sockets will gradually wear out from normal wear and tear on the duplicator. We have a huge inventory of USB/SD/CF spare parts and available when you need it most. Planning ahead for the long-term to keep enough on hand for your Intelligent 9 is critical when you know time is money. U-Reach.... more

Thank you for placing your business trustin us for using U-Reach Duplication Solutions
Your confidence and trust in us is sincerely appreciated. Our products are supported by a team with well over 10 years of experience in the industry by providing a variety of duplication test equipment. We work closely with our clients as transformation partners that demand for innovation, high-quality assurance and the best-in-class customer satisfaction.... more

Mexico Electronic Conference 2014
Over the year we see more demands and growth opportunities in the duplication business. U-Reach’s business trip to Mexico was a success. The event was a very well-organized platform to encourage international business. We were amazed that many participants showed a broad range of modern technologies solutions from Taiwan and we are... more

How important are SSD duplicator in Military?
Solid state drive technology has been marketed to the military since the mid-1990s. Many of the technique which is widely used in enterprise SSD such as “wear leveling” were pioneered by the military. Since SSD are optimized for high-reliability and high-performance application where important data is stored within the drive due to the fact it contains no moving parts, they.... more

What is Secure Erase?
If you keep business, medical, or personal financial information on disks, simple deletion is not enough to protect the data when disposing of the equipment. Besides identity theft, data loss may leave you or your company liable under federal or state laws. How does Secure Erase work? Secure erase overwrites every single track on the hard drive which includes “bad blocks” based on theo.... more

What is DoD Erase?
What is DoD Erase? A data sanitization method based on US Department of Defense (DoD
5220.22-M) standard that will prevent all software or hardware based file recovery from lifting
information from the drive. Disk is sanitized by writing a different pattern to the disk by....