Impeccable efficiency
U-Reach SATA HDD duplicator copies 9GB/min on all HDDs simultaneously, without any speed degradation as number of targets increase. This duplicator is great for industrial use.   9 GB HDD duplicator speed
Innovative guiding module design
Easily Plug in and copy. No need for manual cable connections on each HDD. Just slide the HDD into each guiding module, which greatly reduces operation time by avoiding cable connection. In addition, it supports many HDD models (eSATA, mSATA SSD, iVDR, 2.5”SATA, ZIF) with special carrier modules. The easily replaceable interface can alleviate the hassle of replacing the wearing interface.   Guiding module for CT series HDD duplicator
Duplicates many types of OS
Linux, Unix, Windows, Macintosh, etc. are all supported.   Compatibility for hdd and flash duplicator
3 different duplication modes are supported
  Quick Copy, All Partitions and Whole HDD copy. If you have a 2TB capacity HDD that has only 200GB of data inside, Quick Copy helps reduce duplication time from 5.6 hours to 33 minutes since it will not copy the empty space.
Quick Copy Mode
This mode can identify FAT16/32, NTFS and Linux(EXT2/EXT3/EXT4) HDD formats. It will only copy the data and system contained area, which enhances the copy time.   Support format for hdd duplicator
Free Chain
Up to 10 duplicators can be connected, which means 59 targets can be duplicated at the same time, with no speed degradation!  
Ultra-High Speed Data "Compare" Function
  The exceptional bit-for-bit "Compare" function is the most secure way to guarantee 100% data duplication accuracy. It runs at the same speed as copying does. There is no other duplicator that can perform as fast or accurately..
The DoD Erase Function
Complies with the U.S. Department of Defense's erasure standards. It is imperative to assure that the data inside the disregarded HDD cannot be retrieved and can be safely transferred.   Dod erase method
Log Report Management
Operational info such as operating progress, speed, as well as capacity, model name and HDD S/N are ALL recorded! Which means if there is an issue that needs to be examined, there is a visible record to make the process simpler. It’s much more convenient for troubleshooting, work responsibility clarification, exporting test reports and work management.
Event log report for duplicator
Up to 130,000 log entries can be saved. One command onto one HDD is recorded as one log entry. (e.g. duplication from 1 HDD to 21 targets will be recorded as 21 log entries)
Real Time PC Monitoring
  PC-link flawlessly MONITORS work progress during operation. It displays all information, such as writing speed, operation time, percentage of completion, etc. for EVERY PORT, which is a powerful tool for sorting out the HDD writing lag and ensuring the operational efficiency. All the information you need will appear on the PC screen.
1. Duplication status is monitored from PC while connected to it.
  PC LINK for duplicator
2. “iSecuLog” shows and records the brand name, model, S/N, duplication time, result of every HDD from all the ports and the info of both source HDD and target HDD.
  PC LINK for duplicator
3. Slow R/W speed HDD detection: lagging HDD can be easily sorted, because user can see the duplication speed of every port in "Event Log"
  PC LINK for duplicator
4. Select dates to export part of the data log. Just one click will export the data into a .txt file and save on PC. The date of export is the file name. (e.g. 20130308.txt)
  Event log report for duplicator
5. Up to 30,000 log entries can be saved. One command onto one HDD is recorded as one log entry. (e.g. duplication from 1 HDD to 21 targets will be recorded as 21 log entries)
Auto power control system
When the duplicator stops executing any function, the machine will automatically cut off the power to each port to protect the HDD from damage during removal from the duplicator. The power to each port will only be supplied when the machine is on.   Standalone for MT hdd duplicator
Excellent heat radiation
  Platform design helps control heat radiation for better operation stability.
Standalone operation
There are two operational modes: standalone or PC-link. Each mode suits various needs. Standalone is an extremely simple, user-friendly operation with only four buttons needed to accomplish infinite duplication demands.   Standalone operation CT hdd duplicator
Easy and User-Friendly Interface
  Very simple and uncomplicated to use. High level of expertise is not required for operation. Easy low cost maintenance.
Easy to understand LED indication
Have you ever frustrated by unclear LED signals? We understand how frustrating that can be, that's why we've made the LED indication unmistakable: Pass → green light; Fail → red light, nice and easy!   LED indication for CT hdd duplicator