While attending Acquire 2016 we were interviewed by Liao Han a reporter from Central News Agency also known as CNA. Liao Han choose to interview U-Reach because we were the only company attending that has all our products manufactured in Taiwan. During the interview we discussed the upbringing of our PCIe duplicator and how it’s been beneficial for specific industries. It is the latest duplicator following technological advancements in hard drives. From the interview Liao Han discussed how Taiwan companies base their markets on long-term visions rather than just making a quick sale; which is true with how U-Reach implements new ideas and strategies. The United States government has a big influence on the direction U-Reach goes when creating new duplicating and sanitizing machines. U-Reach has years of experience working with the government and military on projects all compliant with TAA. During the interview Liao Han concluded that working with the United States government is a long term industry. The interview went very well, Liao Han had great things to say about U-Reach and the advantages of doing business with the United States government; it can be read about on CNA, yahoo, google, and other news sites.

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