The Legend Series has long been a stable in U-Reach's duplicator lineup, as it was established and developed during the earlier day of company history. This product has served many customers in the past with its flexible Daisy-Chain capability and transmission speed of up to 3.9 GB per minute. Its flexibility and efficiency are no slouch in the tech world, however now it is now time for a new era. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc decide it's time to part way with the legend series and discontinue it. It will be replacing with a newer and more powerful version, which dubbed as Legend Rack Series! Better in every way compare to its older sibling the Legend Series, as the Legend Rack duplicator will boast same great feature such as our world-famous patented Daisy-Chain technology! Furthermore, the transmission speed is now up to a blazing 9.0 GB per minute! Impeccable high duplication speed and great flexibility are the combo which our solution is known for. Additionally, combine with ability to work with all major OS such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. We are proud to announce this is definitely another legend in the making. This series will surely be another excellent companion which will serve our clients many great years to come. Consistent innovation is what sets U-Reach apart from our competitor. As in our organization we never settle and always strive for excellence, which is the reason we are the premier solution provider in the IT industry. This popular product is now available on our E-store and ready for order.