As Digifast division is making an impact on giving back to the community by planning to donate a portion of the proceeds to non-profit organization PACER National Bully Prevention Center. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc as the parent organization of the division is inspired by its movement and wish to join in on the cause. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc always keep on contribute back to the society, as the strong together philosophy that we embody. It is clear from our devotion to sponsor local fire department during the holiday and help on children in needs. In this case, we will join in with Digifast to land our helping hand as well, and most importantly spreading awareness of the issue of bullying. It is crucial to raise awareness on this topic and to provide a healthy environment for people to thrive in. By joining force together, we hope to make the future a safer environment for children to learn in school, as that is place for learning and not for bullying. To learn more information on how we making a difference visit us on our site and follow our social media to stay up to date!