PCIe SSD has become the new direction for the IT market cross the world. More specifically in Asia Pacific, North America, and EMEA. U-Reach now offer a compact slim version of our popular PCIe NVMe series. This new product dub as NV-BMS4 is our newest addition to PCIe product line, which can clone 3 targets. This smaller footprint duplicating solution is ideal for engineer or manager who doesn’t need large target duplicator. This new compact dimension sporting new color scheme set the tone apart from other PCIe duplicators.

There are couple notable changes regards to PCIe 1-3 duplicator. The most notable one will be the exterior design and color scheme have been changed. It boasts a gunmetal grey color choice, which make the appearance much more streamline. Additionally, the shape and dimension of the product has been altered as well. It is now flat and even level in comparison to larger ports PCIe units. This profile shows its advantage when it comes to storing this device, as it is significantly more space efficient when comparing to other PCIe units.

The dimension is now smaller for the PCIe 1-3 units; however, U-Reach still retain all the great attribute from the bigger machines. For example, the smaller unit still consist dedicate bandwidth which allow no speed degradation. Moreover, auto rejection for the slow device feature also is still available in the smaller PCIe unit. Additionally, the socket is still modularly replaceable which is an important advantage that allow us to reduce the downtown for our customer. U-Reach is proud to be in the forefront when it comes to introducing PCIe duplicating solution faster than competitors to the IT market.

U-Reach is confident that this compact and powerful unit will be a popular option for business of different sizes. Sometimes production operation can use a smaller footprint of duplicator, and U-Reach listened and took those feedback into consideration, hence deliver a smaller PCIe duplicating solution. We believe this solution is the key for many small and medium size business who seek out PCIe solution. This solution is available right now on the U-Reach E-store and more detail can be found on the website. Constant improvement upon feedback is the core value which U-Reach firmly stand behind. We are the solution provider that offer “Just-Right Solutions” to the mass.