Our popular Intelligent 9 Series USB duplicator will receive a convenient optional feature starting as early as just before Thanksgiving holiday. U-Reach is excited to announce that our client will be able to select an option, which will provide dual-port consist of USB plus UDP. As there are demand rising for the UDP port in the market, therefore as the duplicator provider who strive to bring the “Just-Right Solutions” to the masses we aim to offer as many user-friendly options as possible. For a reasonable extra customize fee U-Reach will be able to add dual port onto your favorite Intelligent 9 USB duplicators, and currently it is planning to be available for silver, golden, and high-speed series. U-Reach will announce the pricing info when we’re closer to the launch date in mid-November. Constant improvement and aspiration to deliver highest quality of customer service are the philosophies that makes us an industry leader regarding duplication. For more pricing info and release date contact us at info@ureach-usa.com and for more real-time update on all of our news follow us on Twitter @ureach_usa.