This year marks a breakthrough achievement for U-Reach Data Solutions Inc as we release a new feature for our M.2 NVMe duplicator. The new feature, which is available for V3 or newer, allows users to burn NVMe device firmware updates from the USB drive port. This new feature is included in NV-BM600 and above products, and it provides a new, efficient way for users to load their firmware to multiple targets. The main mission of this new function is to increase efficiency and save time for the user when it comes to firmware updates. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc is pleased to continue delivering innovative solutions and features to the industry. As a member of the NVM Express organization, we strive to bring advanced features to the field. With this new feature, not only can we duplicate data, butalso burn the firmware driving the device. We are proud to offer a solution for both product manufacturers and end-users alike.

U-Reach Data Solutions Inc prides itself in constant innovation inspired by customer feedback and market research data. We’re delighted to be part of the NVM Express organization and to further make improvements and developments in this field. With this feature we aim to elevate the efficiency even greater, as clients do not have to rely on sluggish OS platforms for the update process. This function aligns well with two of the tenets of U-Reach philosophy, which are intuitive control and unparalleled efficiency.