About Us
There are many occasions where sensitive data need to be securely destroy in banking establishment, military agency, and corporate institution. Those sectors often need to deal with personal consumer data or private company information, hence it is crucial for them to find a solution where it can allow them to completely destroy those material without the risk of data leakage. Moreover, there are demands in education sector as well, due to those organization have sensitive application info on files. This market segment is increasingly gaining attentions and shows potential for future growth as data security remains an important topic in recent years. As more data convert from none-digital format to digital format in the modern era, thus it is imperative for institutions in this market segment to protect their data by sanitizing sensitive information properly. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc provide variety of products that can destroy the target both digitally or physically. For instance, popular product among many different universities and colleges is our HDD Destroyer, which effectively render target unrecoverable after destroying operation. As for military sector most our duplicator products come with several erasing modes, and for these type of clients DoD erasing mode will comes in especially handy. Lastly, our industry leading HDD Shredder with unique patented contortion blade technology will make sure SD, HDD, and microSD devices to be destroyed. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc aim to provide product that let users confidently dispose sensitive material with a peace of mind.
 U-Reach's Core Technology
Our equipment is based on proprietary and embedded technologies. This enables individual ports to achieve 100% copy and writing speed dedicated bandwidth. We offer the highest performance and reliably without speed degradation.

> Standalone – No PC or Software are required to operate. Quick learning curve and efficiency equates to reduced downtime with increased productions.

> Read Only Master - Our master port will never overwrite any data (e.g. Time stamping) on your source device. It is truly a read only port, leaving your source device in its original condition.

> iSecuLog – An intelligent event logging tool for proof management and analytics, allows users to monitor and record without disrupting productivity.

> Modular Socket Design – All sockets are subject to wear and tear consideration. Our design allows for easy socket replacement, long term cost effective ownership and reduced downtime.

> Daisy-Chain Technology – Provides flexibility and expandability as production demand grows. Leveraging its proprietary multitasking technology, all copy targets are working with true independent channels so that reliability is sustained regardless of uncertainty introduced by devices connected.

All U-Reach duplicator systems comply with ISO/IEC 27037, 27041, 27042, 27043, 27050 and have passed CE and FCC certifications.