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About U-Reach Data Solutions Inc.
Our U-Reach Group started in 2002 from Taiwan and expanded globally to support different regions. As the world's leading manufacturer of DVD, flash, and HDD duplicators for more than a decade, U-Reach has and strives to continue building cutting edge technologies for valuable data solutions.

In 2012, we formed in California to support our valued customers and to offer a versatile product line-up for data-related solutions. We are committed to continually delivering efficient and secure experiences for our users.

At U-Reach, we demonstrate our "Just-Right Solutions" philosophy for duplication and sanitizing solutions. We are committed to deliver an efficient and secure experience for our users.

Innovation aside, our customer-oriented business philosophy drives the company to confront new challenges every day. Leveraging information technology expertise, as well as solid technology advancement acquired over the years. We strive to provide cohesive solutions that are both efficient and effective in optimizing the duplication process. With U-Reach Data Solutions Inc., we make customer satisfaction our top priority to our existing and new customers, as we are committed to deliver the industry leading customer service. Our dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart from competitor in the industry.

U-Reach Data Solutions Inc.

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