U-Reach has finished yet another fruitful year with lots of progress made in research and development.At CES 2013, the Double Duplicator-Flash & DVD-the first ever duplicator to incorporate disc-to-disc, flash-to-disc and flash-appending copier-will be unveiled.  As miraculous as it is multi-functional, this whole new product delivers the best value without sacrificing any user-friendliness, while maintaining its impressive performance!

When it comes down to technology advancement, U-Reach stands out again with the License Key (LK) Flash Duplicator.  Besides inheriting scalable high-speed data duplication from its predecessors, this duplicator also facilitates license key appending at the same time; and thus offers a one stop solution for businesses in need of guarding copyrighted content after a mass duplication.  Following its introduction, LK Flash Duplicator is expected to be soon deployed in various areas—conference materials and concert videos that require license keys, flash memory that goes through cycles of data revision at factories, and school projects assigned with unique IDs, just to name a few.