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Successful collaborative projects and partnerships with many global corporations have enabled U-Reach to reliably create and expand on innovative technologies that fulfill demanding applications.

In Asia, our equipment is favorably utilized by a great deal of manufacturing corporations. This has created product standardization throughout the industry. It truly is an honor to be an integral part of these trade developments.
We provide continual increased device compatibility support because we work directly with the manufacturers that produce many the devices on the market.

One of the more popular products in the manufacturing industry is the MTC Series. Its vast interface support is what makes this machine versatile and cost effective.

We also manufacture DOM SATA, eMMC and SAS Duplicators.

Please contact us for more information. We are more than happy to offer solutions to fit your needs.
 U-Reach's Core Technology
Our equipment is based on proprietary and embedded technologies. This enables individual ports to achieve 100% copy and writing speed dedicated bandwidth. We offer the highest performance and reliably without speed degradation.

> Standalone – No PC or Software are required to operate. Quick learning curve and efficiency equates to reduced downtime with increased productions.

> Read Only Master - Our master port will never overwrite any data (e.g. Time stamping) on your source device. It is truly a read only port, leaving your source device in its original condition.

> iSecuLog – An intelligent event logging tool for proof management and analytics, allows users to monitor and record without disrupting productivity.

> Modular Socket Design – All sockets are subject to wear and tear consideration. Our design allows for easy socket replacement, long term cost effective ownership and reduced downtime.

> Daisy-Chain Technology – Provides flexibility and expandability as production demand grows. Leveraging its proprietary multitasking technology, all copy targets are working with true independent channels so that reliability is sustained regardless of uncertainty introduced by devices connected.

All U-Reach duplicator systems comply with ISO/IEC 27037, 27041, 27042, 27043, 27050 and have passed CE and FCC certifications.