Mil & Gov
Proven durability record that can withstand all terrain operations, as U-Reach N3 four port sanitizer is MIL-STD-810G compliance. It is built with law enforcement and military force in mind. Integrated printer built in for immediate printout for proof of erasure.

Unique Daisy-Chain™ technology provide scalability and flexibility for U-Reach product, where it could maximize efficiency to a whole new level. Increase producibility without compromise reliability of the machine.

Leading edge technology provide security for your duplication and sanitizing function ensure complete erase of the data. Five different sanitization mode such as quick erase, full erase, DoD erase, secure erase, and DoD 7-pass erase.

FPGA design solution with a true read-only master port, which ensure the source device is in original condition for evidence purposes.

Long standing heritage that stretched all the way back since 2002, therefore with over a decade of industry experience which offer user a quality solution that your team can count on.

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