Mil & Gov
U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. is committed to provide data security solutions and a peace of mind to our clients. There are many occasions where sensitive data are required to be securely destroyed such as banking establishments, military agencies, and corporate institutions. It is crucial for them to find an efficiently, effective solution where it can allow them to destroy classified materials without the risk of data leakage.

Moreover, there are demands in education sector as well, due to those organization storing sensitive data containing personal and proprietary information. As data are accumulated, converted from non-digital to digital formats, or stored; it is imperative for institutions to process retired storage devices by sanitizing, degaussing, and/or to physically shred them.

We offer COTS and specialized equipment as solutions tailored to your needs. For instance, popular product among our customers, is our HDD Destroyer. This is a simple yet cost-effective solution, which effectively renders storage devices unrecoverable after the destroying process. As for many other customers, most our products features several erasing modes that adhere to its respective sanitization standards.

Lastly, our industry leading HDD Shredder with unique patented contortion blade technology will ensure: SD Cards, MicroSD Cards, and HDDs/SSDs to be completely pulverized. U-Reach Data Solutions Inc. aim to provide equipment solutions that instills user confidence to safely dispose sensitive material with a peace of mind.

All U-Reach sanitizer systems comply with ISO/IEC 27037, 27041, 27042, 27043, 27050 and have passed CE and FCC certifications.