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Firmware Information
All U-Reach products undergo strict quality control before emerging on the market. It is, however, necessary to continue improving upon product compatibilities due to new media or device releases. Therefore, firmware updates will be released, periodically.

(PC link software uses V1.12.0 to support windows 8 and up.)

Important Notice
Firmware updates are designed particularly for specific hardware. They are only to be utilized when experiencing problems. These updates will take roughly 15 minutes to complete. Do not interrupt power supply or update process! This will cause your system will be "bricked", voiding all warranties. U-Reach is not responsible for data or monetary loss. When the update completes, you will see the message, "TURN OFF, Wait 5 Seconds, TURN ON."
Latest BIOS Firmware
BD/DVD Duplicator
Product Series Model NO. Controller Version Latest BIOS Version
DVD/BD Series DVD1801~DVD1813/BD1801~BD1813 BD1805_PCLINK, BD1806, BD1808L, BD1809_PCLINK, BD1812, BD1813_PCLINK BD1802: V2.33.2 BD1809: V2.33.2 BD1813: V2.33.2 BD1808L & BD1812: V2.33.2

uPRO Series P701~P711/P701b~P711b BD2202B , BD2208B , BD2212B, BD2212V2B P701: V2.33.2 P707: V2.33.2 P711: V2.33.2
Flash Duplicator
Product Series Model NO. Controller Version Latest BIOS Version
Intelligent 9 Series
UB905S~UB9120S/UB910G~UB9120G UB3705 V2.40.7
Release Note
UB910H~UB120H UB3755 V2.40.5
Release Note
SD908S~SD9120S/SD908G~SD9120G SD2608, SD2618, SD2624, SD2508 V2.40.8
Release Note
CF904S~CF9120S/CF908G~CF9120G CF3604 V2.34.9
Release Note

Mini Series SD300 SD2702 V2.33.2
Release Note
CF121, CFast121 CF200 V2.38.2
HDD Duplicator
Product Series Model NO. Controller Version Latest BIOS Version
Super /Tower Series HD-S01~HDS15 HD3601 V2.37.7
Release Note

IT Series IT300G, IT700G, IT1500G HD3663 , HD3383 , HD3463 V2.43.7 for V4 only
Release Note

ITS-SAS Series ITS300-SAS, ITS700-SAS, ITS1500-SAS HD3950SAS V2.44.6 for V2 only
Release Note

MT Series & MTC-F Series MT600G, MT1600G, MT2600G HD3411 V2.43.1
Release Note
MT800H, MT1600H, MT2600H, MTC1500F HD4854V2 V2.43.2 for V2 only
Release Note

MTC-G Series MTC1600G HD4844 V2.44.6
Release Note

MTS-SAS Series MTS800-SAS HD3970SAS V2.43.6
Release Note

CT Chain Tower Series CT600G HD3381V2 V2.35.8
Release Note

Carry Series PRO118 HD3301 V2.42.6
Release Note
PRO218 HD3302 V2.36.5
Release Note
PRO318 HD3802 V2.40.3
Release Note
SAS-MS118 HD4902 V2.40.3
Release Note

PCIe Duplicator
Product Series Model NO. Controller Version Latest BIOS Version
NV-BM Series NV-BM600 ~ NV-BM2100 PE5212 V2.43.6

NV-BM V3 Series NV-BM600 V3 ~ NV-BM2100 V3 PE5332Z012S V2.44.7 for V3 only

NV-BM Slim Version Series NV-BMS4 PE5332S4 V2.44.3
PC-Link Software
Product Series Model NO. Latest PC-Link Version    
Intelligent 9 Series
UB910S~UB9120S/UB910G~UB9120G v1.02.8   Download
UB910H~UB120H v1.02.8   Download
SD908S~SD9120S/SD908G~SD9120G v1.02.7   Download
CF908S~CF9120S/CF908G~CF9120G v1.02.7   Download

IT Series IT300G, IT700G, IT1500G v1.04.3   Download

ITS-SAS Series ITS300-SAS, ITS700-SAS, ITS1500-SAS v1.04.3   Download

MT Series
MTC Series
MT600G, MT1600G, MT2600G, MTC1600G v1.04.3   Download
MT800H, MT1600H, MT2600H, MTC1500F v1.04.3   Download

MTS-SAS Series MTS800-SAS v1.04.3   Download

CT Chain Tower Series
CRU Series
Legend Rack Series
CT600G, KV-500, LE600Rack v1.04.3   Download

PCIe Duplicator NV-BM Series 2.02.04   Uploader: Download
Compiler: Download
How to Update

Trouble with firmware updates?
Machine displays: "No Update File?"

1. Please make sure the BIOS file is unzipped.
2. Please make sure the BIOS file is stored at root directory on the flash device without any folders.
3. Please try turning off any anti-virus and/or firewall applications, temporarily. Then proceed to redownload the BIOS file again.
4. If you are copying the BIOS file to an SD card, please check if the SD card is locked or not.
5. Please make sure if the BIOS file corresponds with the product model.
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